Order pallets? Discover our wide range in wood and plastic

Palecto is your manufacturer of pallets. Paletco produces and provides quality pallets in wood and plastic. Customisation is also possible.

  • Wide range
  • Short delivery terms
  • Tailor made pallets
  • Delivery or pick-up in Herentals

Types of pallets


Europallets (EPAL)

Our Euro pallets meet the stringent requirements of the exchange system within the EPAL States and meet the UIC standard 435-2.


Chipboard pallets

This lightweight yet sturdy pallets variation is the result of the ‘chipboard process.


Warehouse pallets

Warehouse Pallets are available in different forms and dimensions. We produce 2-and 4-way pallets in standard sizes. You can also contact us for pallets that we customize especially for you.

kunststof palletten

Plastic pallets

This lightweight yet sturdy plastic pallet does not need a ISPM-15 treatment and is available in many different types and dimensions.


Display pallets

Displaypalleten make it extra easy to present your goods to the final consumer. On our display pallets you can very easily fix your cardboard displays.

2de hands palletten

Used pallets

If you want to purchase used pallets, please contact us. Both the one-way as well as the euro pallets are available. If you want your old pallets replaced by new, we’ll be glad to help you.


Disposable pallets

One-way pallets with standard dimensions

Düsseldorfer palletten

Düsseldorfer pallets

Düsseldorferpallets, just as EPAL euro, are accepted as interchangeable pallet. Especially department stores and discounters use this pallet with dimensions 600×800. Because the outer blocks are replaced by profiled metal U-profiles, this pallet can also be manipulated on the short side of the pallet.

These pallets can also be rented.



Special needs require special solutions. We will be glad to help you using all our experience and expertise.

Send us your drawing or sketch and we will send you a quote.

Paletco magazijn

Transport and delivery

Paletco has its own mega trailers at its disposal. They have a free insert height of 2950 mm and can therefore bring a large number of pallets to you in one ride.

If you do not have a place to store a large number of pallets, you can pick up the pallets in small numbers yourself. We can also have those small numbers of pallets delivered. For this we then call on groupage transport to keep transport costs limited.

What can you do with old pallets?

You can contact us with the old pallets. If they are in good condition and meet the standard dimensions 800×1200 and 1000×1200, we will collect them from you. You will receive a compensation for this.

We also pick up damaged pallets, but the compensation is much lower for that. In some cases we can no longer reimburse them.